Personalized selection of Agro products based on DNA analysis

How we do it? Our concept fits in with the idea of sustainable agriculture using the latest plant protection tools available. We can detect pathogens in the field at very early stages using molecular biology techniques. These pathogens contain DNA fragments that are unique to the individual species. Due to this fact, it is possible to detect their presence by testing their DNA. This optimized plant protection method, as well as others which include bio preparations, may effectively limit and prevent disease development. Furthermore, DNA analysis helps to determine potential resistance of pathogens to pesticides.

In addition to classic protection against pathogens, adequate soil fertilization is another extremely important factor. Achieving a high yield is not possible without supporting plants in the earliest stages of their growth.

Carefully selected dosage of soil preparation guarantees optimal plant growth from the beginning of the growing season and helps to obtain the highest and best quality crop during harvest.