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Microbe Plus is a biotechnology startup operating in the Agri-Tech sector, created by a team of scientists and practitioners well-experienced in a number of successfully implemented solutions for agriculture.

About us

Microbe Plus developed a bioproduct which protects a plant from pathogens at the same time stimulate plants growth. It is an activator for plants. The multi-strain combination of beneficial microbes significantly improves plants health. It is designed to minimize losses in key crops caused by the presence of pathogens and maximize farms profitability.

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Personalized selection of Agro products based on DNA analysis

How we do it? Our concept fits in with the idea of sustainable agriculture using the latest plant protection tools available. We can detect pathogens in the field at very early stages using molecular biology techniques. These pathogens contain DNA fragments that are unique to the individual species. Due to this fact, it is possible to detect their presence by testing their DNA. This optimized plant protection method, as well as others which include bio preparations, may effectively limit and prevent disease development. Furthermore, DNA analysis helps to determine potential resistance of pathogens to pesticides.

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Biotechnology in agriculture

Safe and efficient bioproducts

Our bioproduct will help farmers and growers to be cost effective producers, at the same time provide consumers with healthy and affordable food.

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Bio-, eco- and organic food

A very important market advantage of our bioproducts is their environmentally friendly nature and rapid biodegradation. Our bioproducts do not have a grace period and do not pose a risk of the presence of residues in products intended for consumption.

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Biological complexity

Plant diseases are caused by pathogens capable of disturbing the life balance of crops. They usually occur at the expense of crop quality and quantity.

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Sustainable use of pesticides and fertilizers

Improper use of plant protection products may result in greater pathogen resistance. Lack of research on resistance of pathogens occurring in a given crop results in ineffective chemical treatments and consequent losses in crop yields.

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Pathogen resistance to Plant Protection Products

The problem of pathogens’ resistance to commercial pesticides is a widely known fact. Currently selected resistance mutations, e.g. against septoriosis, can occur in up to 70% of crop area.

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